Internal Medicine Clinic
At the Internal Medicine Department of Ibn Nafees Medical Center, Our doctors provide our patients with expert care.

Dr. Amany Mansour is a Specialist in Internal Medicine. With over 20 years experience in Egypt and the UAE, Dr. Amany has a special interest in diets, weight control, and smoking.

Dr. Amr Hamdy joined us in February 2012 as a Consultant Internal and Pulmonary Medicine, he brings with him a total of 33 years experience.

Dr. Amr graduated with a faculty of Medicine from Cairo University with honors and proceeded to get his masters degree in Pulmonary Medicine in 1981 and Doctorate Degree in Pulmonary Medicine in 1987.

Dr. Mohammed Al Awad is a Consultant in Internal Medicine and Cardiology. His 20 years experience in Iraq included positions such as Head of Coronary Care Unit at Basra Hospital, and Chairman of Advisory Committee for Internal Medicine Diseases in Basra. Dr. Mohammed has a special interest in cardiology.

Conditions diagnosed and treated at our Internal Medicine Department include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Cholestrol