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We bring effective relief to our patients by offering them the best treatment with the latest computerized equipment to treat all disorders of gait or postural imbalances and children assessment.

Ibn Nafees Medical Center practice extensive care of foot conditions ranging from simple horn ingrown toenail and various nail disorders and skin, it helps to provide effective preventive care for diabetic persons.

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Dr. Hajar El Aakel , was graduated from the University of Barcelona, one of the leading Podiatry universities in Europe. She pursued her studies with a master’s degree in Podiatry where she improved her understanding of anatomy, pharmacology and clinical investigations as well as expanded her knowledge in foot care and foot and ankle surgery.

Prior to move to UAE, Hajar worked in Spain as a podiatrist in Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and Bellvitge Hospital where she managed the diabetic foot disorders including wound care, infection management, Charcot foot and limb preservation. Performing biomechanical studies by utilizing 3D Foot Pressure and video Gait Analysis which includes offloading strategies, custom orthoses/insoles/orthopedic devices and foot wear recommendations. She was committed to help her patients to improve their quality of life and achieving higher levels of mobility.

She specializes in Diabetic foot, Pediatric podiatry (children), Biomechanical studies , Sports Medicine, orthopaedic insoles, skin infections, nail disorders, heel pain/plantar fasciitis and toe-related issues.

Languages she speaks: English, Arabic, Spanish and Catalan.

Member of Catalan and Spanish Podiatry Association.
Registered Podiatrist, Health and care Professions Council, Spain, registration number 1478.

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