Dr. Sayed Ismael



Consultant of pediatrics in ibn Nafees Medical Center

Professor of pediatrics at Al-Azhar university

Dr. Sayed Can manage the following children’s diseases:

  • Neonatal problems
  • Assessment of growth and development in children
  • Assessment of child nutrition
  • Fever and infections in children
  • Vaccinations in children
  • Asthma in children
  • Ear, nose and throat problems in children
  • Respiratory infections
  • Medical gastrointestinal diseases in children
  • Urinary tract infections and medical urological disease
  • Skin disease in children
  • Neurological diseases in children
  • Allergic diseases in children
  • Management of anemia and assessment of other blood disorders in children
  • Assessment of heart problems in children
  • Diabetes mellites and thyroid disorders in children

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